Truffles in New Zealand

Southern Cross Truffles (SCT) is mad about truffles – which are edible fruits of fungi that grow in association with tree roots. They are a fascinating and delicious luxury food, steeped in history. The truffle industry in New Zealand is about 20 years old. Significant quantities have been produced that have continuously achieved prices in excess of NZ $3000/kg.

We offer a complete and integrated package of services; consultancy services in establishing and managing your own truffiere; truffle-infected seedlings for sale; access to trained truffle dogs to sniff the truffle out; a channel to market your truffles; and if you have a taste for luxury food, an opportunity to buy fresh Perigord black truffle in the winter months of New Zealand.

Based near Christchurch, but providing services nationwide, we invite you to step out on an exciting and rewarding journey by becoming involved with an industry that has a great future potential.

February 2014 - Truffle news in Canterbury


Spring jobs have extended into summer this year with the amazing truffle growing weather we have been getting at our Canterbury truffieres! Lots of sun and lots of rain have meant a great month for growth in the younger trees and for the activity underground.

This also means however, that grass control has been an issue at our Waipara site between rows. I have had to set Bill to work on the tractor several times to mow, while I have been kept busy spraying. The site is looking great with sundrenched ground, and we have had some really hot spells that have resulted in some fantastic soil temperatures being reached. Biostimulant has been applied and with some heavy rainfalls at key times this is sure to have penetrated the soil by now.

Rabbit sign has been an issue this summer so all the bait stations are full and a few trips with the 22 may be needed also. We are not the only ones who think that truffles smell pretty darn tasty!

The Gebbies Valley trees have had some lime chip added this spring at the latest soil test have shown a rise in the pH already. We have only had to water there once with rainfall yet again occurring at ideal times. The roots have been examined and we are hopeful to get our first truffles from the site this winter.

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What are Truffles?

Truffles are fungi that grow in and on the roots of specific trees, and have fruiting bodies that grow beneath the ground. Truffles of various kinds are found throughout Europe, Asia, America, Australia and

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