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gratedtruffleCurrently Southern Cross Truffles provides Perigord black truffles to top restaurants, individual chefs, specialty food and drink developers and food connoisseurs throughout New Zealand. Fresh truffle is also occasionally sent off shore to pre-existing clients that SCT have already formed a successful working relationship with. The team is always happy to supply new clients after an introduction has been made and both parties have discussed their needs (eg quantity and grade, presentation, delivery date, date of end use, etc) and are both happy with the end use and quality of the truffle.

The Southern Cross Truffles harvest season runs from early winter (June) through until late winter (August, September), though the precise start and finish dates of harvesting can vary considerably from season to season. We normally expect the PĂ©rigord black truffles to be at their best through July and into early August, but will often be marking truffles in the ground several months either side of this at varying levels of ripeness ready for harvest when they are at their prime.

It is also planned that Southern Cross Truffles will be planting 500-1000 trees with Burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum) in 2014 so will plan for a longer harvest season in the following years when these come into production. In the mean time if SCT can not provide you with your truffle requirements we will endeavor to find another grower to help meet your needs. Being that it is something you can not rush, and the truffle does not ripen further once out of the ground, it is in SCT, and the New Zealand truffle industry's, best interests to form working relationships with other growers to create a steady supply of fresh truffle throughout the season.

To check on availability please contact us via the contact page with your requirements and we will sign you up to an availability newsletter that will be sent out in the harvest season, unless you state otherwise. Fresh truffle is in high demand so please inform SCT of your interest early.


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Truffles are fungi that grow in and on the roots of specific trees, and have fruiting bodies that grow beneath the ground. Truffles of various kinds are found throughout Europe, Asia, America, Australia and

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